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Losing our beloved pets is heartbreaking. While intense grief is a normal response to significant loss, grieving pet lovers often feel isolated and alone because our culture has so few supports in place for this kind of loss. The Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Deck was created to offer comforting wisdom and tangible coping strategies to guide people through their grief after the loss of a pet.

Authored and created by a licensed therapist who specializes in pet loss & grief, this accessible healing resource reminds us that there is no right or wrong way to grieve and everyone experiences grief differently. A wide range of exercises and healing tools are offered to draw upon for support as individuals navigate the different stages of grieving for their pet, and each card is paired with custom artwork to complement its message.

Users of this deck say they feel acknowledged, understood, and less alone as they navigate the grief of losing their pet. It's like having a supportive friend by your side offering understanding, comfort, and bits of hope during the most painful of times. A wonderful addition to a book shop's animal, grief, or deck section.

The deck is an evergreen product that has a strong sell-through rate in book, pet and gift shops in our CO and Mountain West region.

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