In Loving Memory

Our Memorial Page is a place where you can honor your furry friend and share some of the sweet memories from the precious time you had with them.

Help us create a collective space filled with love that honors and celebrates the lives that have left paw prints on our hearts!


To the sweetest girl in the world. You filled our lives with so much joy and love. We will carry you in our hearts forever. If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.


Lafayette, LA



Bo was my companion for over thirteen years, the only one for the past five. He died April 16, 2024, after being diagnosed with cancer last August. He was a standoffish guy, loving to be near me but rarely touching. He loved back scratches and brushies. When I came home from errands he was always curious what I bought, especially cheesy popcorn, which was one of his favorites. There is a big hole in my heart - he was my love, my light, my sweet boy.

Kali Kathleen

Pittsfield, MA



In honor of the amazing and beloved Milo, who lasted 17 and a half years and had an awesome life first as a city dog, then as a Colorado mountain rat. Aka. El Jefe, The Lon, Little Man. Loved by many. We miss you so much, little guy!

Marija, Chris, & Kim

Durango, CO



To simply say we miss you could never convey how deep the hole in our lives is without you here. But when we feel the most sad, we think about how you could catch a frisbee mid-air (for hours upon hours), and how much you loved tuna juice, and of all the incredible love and happiness you selflessly gave us for eleven amazing years. We love you little monkey.


Durango, CO



We fell in love with you, our Sophie, immediately. Watching you try to walk without stepping on your ears, and looking into those eyes that looked like you had on makeup- you stole our hearts. We will miss the cuddles, you watching for food delivery when we ordered out, being protective of “your” sofa, jumping in the snow, and especially how much you loved hanging your head out the window on your car rides- and how little kids in the cars going by would get excited to see you. It was a wonderful 15 years you shared with us, and we will miss you and love you for the love you unconditionally returned.

Sally and Isaac

Arvada, CO


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