The wise, comforting companion we could all use after losing a pet.

The Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Deck

Losing our beloved pets is heartbreaking

The tears flow, our heart hurts, and we wonder, “Will I ever stop missing them so much?” “When will this heartache go away?” After the painful loss of a pet, we could all use a friendly shoulder to lean on – someone who understands the grief and sorrow we experience and how deeply we miss them.
The Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Deck is that companion
This powerful, one-of-a-kind healing tool was created to offer comforting wisdom and tangible coping strategies to guide people through their grief after the loss of a pet.

Authored and created by Mindy Meiering, a licensed therapist and pet loss & grief specialist who has walked the path of grief herself. After the 
devastating loss of her first dog, Ellie, in 2019, Mindy drew upon her personal grief journey and professional experience to create what she wished she’d had after Ellie died - a supportive, easily accessible resource to comfort, support and guide her as she navigated that painful time.

Each of the 52 cards has specific ways to guide users from feeling heartbroken to peaceful as their hearts begin to heal. A wide range of exercises and healing tools are offered to draw upon for support as individuals navigate the different stages of grieving. Each card is paired with custom artwork by Amy Frank to complement its message.

This deck is a caring, thoughtful gift - for yourself or someone you know who has lost a pet - that validates the depth of the heartache we feel when we’ve lost a furry loved one.

The path from heartache to healing is difficult, but no one needs to walk it alone.

This deck is a wise, comforting companion for anyone who is grieving the painful loss of their cherished pet.

Praise for the Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Deck

"What I love about the Rainbow Bridge Deck is how it gently supports someone through pet loss over time. It’s a truly meaningful way to say to someone you care about that their grief matters. I gave a copy to my sister after the devastating death of her dog and she told me several times had much it helped to draw a card everyday. Unlike a text or a greeting card, the suggestions for healing and self-care continue to connect your heart to theirs. And the art is absolutely adorable!"

Jennifer Louden

National Bestselling Author and Writing Coach

"This beautiful card deck is filled with gentle messages of comfort, clarity and hope for those grieving the loss of a dear pet. Simple in design and filled with deep wisdom, these carefully produced messages resonate on a mental, physical and spiritual level. A perfect gift for those who wish to support a friend or family member on their grief journey."

Dan Parkinson DVM

Founder of TenderHeart Pet Hospice

"For anyone working through the loss of a pet this card deck is our "go-to" in the bookshop. These cards offer simple, yet powerful guidance in words, images and rituals that are well-thought-out and lovely to look at and hold. It's a great resource when a customer needs a meaningful way to offer comfort to a loved one who's lost a beloved pet."

Mary Schwartz

Programs Manager, Maria's Bookshop | Durango, CO

“Mindy has created a rich, beautiful deck that speaks to the heart and soul. When I lost my 19-year-old cat, Ben, the Rainbow Bridge Deck was my succor as I meandered through my deep grief. The cards are thoughtfully written and designed, each with an offering that affirms that grief is a process, far from linear, and there is purpose and transformation available. As a professional therapist, I have been able to offer the deck to my clients who have faced the loss of a beloved pet. I'm so grateful to have such an incredible resource."

Sibel Golden, PhD, LMHC

Seattle, WA

“The loss of a pet takes us on a complex grief journey...and the Rainbow Bridge Deck has been a comforting and cathartic companion since my beloved DJ passed earlier this year. A rescue doggie, DJ was my special buddy for 15 years and a cherished lifeline for me after I suddenly and unexpectedly became a widow just months prior to DJ’s passing. The Rainbow Bridge Deck has helped me to create a path that has taken me from the devastating loss of DJ to a place of comfort, peace and gratitude for the life and love we shared. With guidance from DJ, I draw a card daily and the beautiful artwork and the meaningful themes included are deeply resonant as I continue to navigate the tides of grief... it truly helps me honor DJ as I cross my own bridge from sorrow to new joy."

Dahna Willis

St Charles, MO

“We have used The Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Deck both personally and for our adopters in our animal rescue. The deck is beautifully illustrated and serves as a gentle, yet inspirational tool to support those who are grieving the loss of a beloved pet. Each card presents a message pertaining to loss and grief, and lovingly invites its reader to embrace however their grief is showing up at that moment; tenderly suggesting ideas, inspiration, and tools for healing from loss. This deck makes a wonderful gift for friends and loved ones who have experienced pet loss, but also serves as a loving gesture of self care for ourselves, when we are facing our own personal losses."

Erin Nissen

Founder & Director, Durango Animal Connection | Durango, CO

“This deck reminds me that there are small daily steps one can do to move in the direction of feeling better, coping, and healing through grieving. After reading some of the cards I feel encouraged that, no matter how destroyed I might feel from the loss of my beloved furry family member, there are small, manageable things I can do to make it feel more bearable."

Sue R


“The Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Deck is a beautiful compilation of 52 artfully crafted cards, each with their own insightful message and guidance to assist a grieving pet parent in coping with the loss of their beloved four legged friend. Whether the deck is purchased for oneself or a loved one, it will leave the recipient feeling nurtured, encouraged and uplifted during this time of sorrow. Tullivers understands that the passing of a companion dog or cat can be emotionally overwhelming and devastating, and is glad to have these meaningful cards to offer to help provide support and healing during this difficult time."

Ellen Hutchins

Founder & Owner, Tulliver's Pet Food Emporium | Santa Fe, NM

“When I lost the canine love of my life Addy, a beautiful (inside and out!) Black Lab, my sister sent me The Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Deck to help me grieve and heal from my great loss. The beautiful, meaningful, comforting words and artwork on each card have helped me to work through my painful emotions and heal on a daily basis. Reading the cards also makes me realize that I am not alone and that many others have felt the deep pain and loss I feel of the unconditional love and connection with my beloved girl. What a beautiful gift the cards are to share with someone you love, to let them know that one day they will heal from their pain and loss. They are wonderful!"

Cheryl Visnich

Durango, CO

“We are privileged to offer our customers and team members the heartfelt Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Deck. Acknowledging that pet loss is a common part of owning a pet, our team is honored to assist individuals through this process. We have gifted several packages to friends coping with the loss of a beloved pet and have universally found that the feedback we have received is both touching and heartwarming."

Stephanie Michelle

Eastside Store Purchaser, Bend Pet Express | Bend, OR

About the Deck

My name is Mindy Meiering. I’m a licensed therapist, life coach, and mindfulness teacher who specializes in grief and loss. Even though I’ve supported thousands of clients and families through major losses and life transitions, I was blindsided by how devastated I felt after losing my first dog, Ellie.

I created The Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Deck to share these healing tools and practices with others

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